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Hyperthermia Deaths of
Children in Vehicles

Child Care Warning: Hot Cars, Hyperthermia, and the Death of a Child

Video: Dangers of auto-induced hyperthermia illustrated

Fatal Distraction: Forgetting a Child in the Backseat of a Car Is a Horrifying Mistake. Is It a Crime?

Heat Waves, Hyperthermia and Hot Cars

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Look Before you Lock

Can’t Take the Heat? Neither can they…

On a sunny day in the low 80s it only takes 20 minutes for the temperature inside your car to become deadly. Children under 5 are at greates risk for hyperthermia which can lead to seizures, organ damage, brain damage, stroke and death.



Never leave infants or toddlers in a parked vehicle, even with partially open windows.

Here are some helpful tips to help prevent such a situation:

If you see a child alone in a vehicle, call the police