How to Choose Quality Care

Make an informed decision
Like any parent, your first concerns are for the safety, health, and welfare of your child. Every program will have positive characteristics, but you must decide which things are most important for you and your child, and prioritize accordingly.

For more information about choosing quality child care and to access a child care checklist, please click here.


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Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R)


CCR&R is available 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Monday to Friday. To reach a CCR&R specialist, please call 305-646-7220.

What Is Child Care Resource and Referral?

We are the front door for contacting ELC of Miami-Dade/Monroe to find information on services and programs. We are families’ source for child care and parenting related needs.

There is no charge for our services to parents or providers. ELC of Miami-Dade/Monroe offers referrals, not recommendations.

All information gathered by the staff of Child Care Resource and Referral, (CCR&R) including names of parents and their children, addresses, income and any private details pertaining to any family members applicable to serving the parent’s needs, is kept private and confidential. No parent information is shared verbally or in writing with any outside party


How Can We Help?

CCR&R will assist you with the information you need to make a careful and informed choice of an early learning or child care provider. Which curriculum is right for your child’s learning style? How do you know a provider is offering age appropriate activities? What are indicators of quality programs? These questions and others you may have are answered with a call to one of our caring and experienced Family Services Specialists. The information also includes a referral listing of licensed or approved providers operating in Miami-Dade/Monroe Counties. Your provider listing is based on your needs and matches those with the provider’s services. The search details can also include location, care-schedule, curriculum offered, the program’s environment and other services the provider offers, such as transportation. If you need more than just child care, your Early Learning Specialist can assist with referrals to other services. Whether you need to find information on parenting, financial aid or area social service agencies we are ready to help. We can also assist parents with child care and related services for children with special needs.

Most importantly, we suggest that you choose child care based on its quality. Our parent-friendly checklist offers practical tips for evaluating programs. And always remember to check licensing histories at:


What is School Readiness Child Care Financial Assistance?

School Readiness Child Care Financial Assistance allows eligible families to offset the expense of child care by paying a reduced parent fee.


Resources for Parents


What If I Have A Complaint?

If you have a complaint or concern while requesting a list of providers from Child Care Resource and Referral, or if you have a complaint about a child care provider, please use our complaint form, or email us at

Child Care Resource and Referral is required to implement and enforce the procedures that direct the complaint process. For a full description of these, please see our Complaint Policy and Procedures.


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