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High-quality early education produces long-lasting benefits for young children.  Based on this evidence, the Early Learning Coalition of Miami-Dade/Monroe (“Coalition”) recognizes that the implementation of a developmentally appropriate curriculum is the fundamental building block of a high-quality program that improves the school readiness skills of all children.   A curriculum includes the goals for the knowledge and skills to be acquired by children and the plans for learning experiences through which such knowledge and skills will be achieved. (NAEYC, 2005) At its simplest, a curriculum is defined as what to teach and how to teach it.

While providers are given the task of choosing a curriculum for their program, it can be a confusing one, given the multitude of available curriculum models. If you are considering the selection of a new curriculum, reflect on the following questions:

  • Does the curriculum support the goals and philosophy of my program?
  • Will the curriculum guide teachers in the development of learning opportunities for children in all areas of development consistent with the programs’ goals?
  • Does the curriculum reflect responsiveness to values, experiences and languages of the families in my program?
  • Is the child assessment system consistent with the teaching philosophy of my program?
  • Does the curriculum provide adaptations and modifications to meet the needs of ALL children; including those with special needs?
  • Is the curriculum appropriate for all of my teachers, regardless of their qualifications?
  • Are there specific materials and resources necessary to implement this curriculum?  If so, are they affordable and am I willing to purchase them?
  • Are there on-going professional development opportunities available for my teachers?
  • Is there validated research that supports the effectiveness of this curriculum?

Curriculum Task Force

In 2005, the Coalition formed a Curriculum Task Force in an effort to look at curriculum selection and implementation at a county-wide level. One of the major tasks of this group was to review early childhood curriculum based on a strict set of criteria with an outcome of an “Approved Curriculum” list.  These curricula were reviewed with the goal of placing them into two categories:

A comprehensive or core curriculum is intended to be the primary instructional tool used to guide high quality teaching practices.  It encompasses all areas of development including:

A comprehensive curriculum provides activities, materials and guidance for the entire day

A supplemental curriculum is intended for flexible use in instruction or as an intervention that meets children’s needs in specific areas, such as phonological awareness, oral language, literacy, math, etc.  A supplemental curriculum provides activities, materials and guidance for a particular “portion” of the day; not the entire day. The two types of supplemental curriculum included on the approved list are language/literacy and character development.

Approved School Readiness Curriculum List

Curriculum Name  Edition / Year  Age Range Character Development
 Baby Doll Circle Time  2012  Birth through 3 yes
 Beyond Centers & Circle Time  2nd / 2007  3 and 4 yes
 Beyond Cribs & Rattles  1st / 2005  Birth through 2 yes
 Core Knowledge Preschool Program  2013  3 and 4  
 Creative Curriculum for Family Child Care  2nd / 2009  Birth through 4 yes
 Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers & Twos  2nd / 2011  Birth through 2 yes
 Creative Curriculum for Preschool      5th / 2010  3 and 4 yes
 Complete Program for Early Literacy Success - Level Two  1st / 2012  4  
 DLM Early Childhood Express  2011  4 yes
 Early Literacy and Learning Model Plus (ELLM)  2nd / 2012  3 and 4 yes
 Edu 1st VESS Curriculum  1st  Birth through 4 yes
 Empowered Child #  5th / 2011-2013  3 and 4 yes
 FLEX Goddard Pre-K #  1st  Birth through 4 yes
 Footsteps for Fours  2nd  4  
 Foundations for Success  2012  Birth through 2  
 Frog Street Pre-K  2013      3 and 4 yes
 Frog Street Toddler  2014  18 months through 2 yes
 Frog Street Summer  2014  4 yes
 FunShine Online  2014  Birth through 4  
 Galileo Pre-K Online  Online / 2014  3 and 4  
 Gee Whiz Digital Curriculum for Family Care Providers  2013  Birth through 4  
 Get Set for School  1st / 2012  4  
HighScope Infant Toddler Curriculum  2nd / 2011  Birth through 2  
 HighScope Preschool Curriculum  1st / 2012  3 and 4  
 Innovations: The Comprehensive Infant, Toddler
Preschool Curriculum
 1st  Birth though 4  
 InvestiGator Club Just for Threes  2010  3  
 InvestiGator Club  2010  4  
 Journey #  2nd / 2013  3 and 4 yes
 Kiddie Academy Life Essentials #  2007-2013  Birth through 4  
 Kids R Kids #  2013  Birth through 4 yes
 Knowledge Universe Early Foundations Discovery Infants #  2004  Birth through 8 months  
 Knowledge Universe Early Foundations Discovery Preschool #  2004  18 months through 2  
 Knowledge Universe Early Foundations Preschool #  2013  3 yes
 Knowledge Universe Early Foundations Toddlers #      2014  8 through 18 months yes
 Knowledge Universe Early Foundations Prekindergarten #  2013  4 yes
 Learn Every Day & Nemours Brightstart! Superset  1st / 2012  3 and 4 yes
 Learn Every Day for Infant, Toddler & Twos      1st / 2013  Birth through 2  
 Learn from the Start #  1st / 2013  Birth through 2  
 Learning Experience Academic Program (LEAP) #  2014  Birth through 4 yes
 Let's Begin with the Letter People  4th / 2009  3 and 4  
 LifeSmart #  5th / 2011-2013  3 and 4 yes
 Links to Early Learning  1st / 2014  3 and 4  
 Literacy Express  2014  3 and 4  
 Little Treasures  2011  4 yes
 Montessori *  N/A  Birth through 4  
 Mother Goose Time Little Goose Curriculum  2014  18 months through 2  
 Mother Goose Time Preschool Curriculum  2014  3 and 4  
 O2B Kids #  7th / 2014  Birth through 4 yes
 Opening the World of Learning  2011-2014  4  
 Pathways for Preschool  2nd  2 and 3  
 Pinnacle  2nd  Birth through 4  
 Scholastic Big Day for Pre-K English  1st / 2010  3 and 4 yes
 Scholastic Big Day for Pre-K English/Spanish  1st / 2011  3 and 4  
 Splash into Pre-K  1st / 2012  4  
 Starfall Pre-K Curriculum  1st / 2013  4  
 STEMscopes Early Explorer  1st  3 and 4  
 Tools of the Mind  7th / 2011  3 and 4  
 We Can  2nd / 2014  3 and 4  
 Wee Learn: Curriculum Guide for Infants & Toddlers  2000      Birth through 24 months  
 Wee Learn: Curriculum Guide for Two-Year-Olds  1997  2  
 Wee Learn: Curriculum Guide for Three-Year-Olds  1996  3  
 Wee Learn: Curriculum Guide for Four-Year-Olds  2007  Pre-K yes
 World at their Fingertips #  2014  Birth through 4 yes

# Designates proprietary curricula, not available for purchase.
* Montessori is approved for use with a Montessori-certified teacher per program.



Character Development Supplement Only
(If you are only implementing one of these, you need to select a comprehensive (core) curriculum)

  1. Al’s Pals
    1. Centered-based programs: Kids Making Healthy Choices ages 3 to 8 years old (On-line training required in order to purchase kit)
    2. Family Child Care Home Providers: Al’s Caring Pals: A Social Skills Toolkit Providers ages 3 to 8 years old (Face to face training required in order to purchase kit)
  2. Conscious Discipline, 5th Edition (Toddler to 5th Grade)
  3. Peace Foundation
    1. Creating Caring Children, ages Birth to age 3.
    2. Pre-K to Kindergarten Peacemaking Skills for Little Kids



Approved VPK Curriculum List

Curriculum Title Publisher
Beyond Centers and Circle Time (PDF, 587 KB) Kaplan Early Learning Company
Creative Curriculum (PDF, 176KB) Teaching Strategies, Inc.
DLM Early Childhood Express (PDF, 380KB) School Education Group, a division of The Mc-Graw-Hill Companies, Inc.
The Empowered Child (PDF, 66KB) Learning Care Group
Frog Street Pre-K (PDF, 200KB) Frog Street Press
Frog Street Pre-K Summer (PDF, 108KB) Frog Street Press
Galileo Pre-K Online Curriculum  Assessment Technology Incorporated (ATI) 
HighScope  HighScope Educational Research Foundation 
InvestiGator Club (PDF, 129KB) Robert-Leslie Publishing
Journey Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum  Learning Care Group 
Learn Every Day and Nemours Bright Start (PDF, 168KB) Kaplan Early Learning Company
Let's Begin with the Letter People Comprehensive Program  Abrams Learning Trends 
LifeSmart Curriculum  Learning Care Group 
Little Treasures (PDF, 141KB) School Education Group, a division of The Mc-Graw-Hill Companies, Inc.
Scholastic Big Day for Pre-K (PDF, 723KB) Scholastic, Inc.
Splash into Pre-K  Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 



Curriculum Review and Approval Process














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