Why Choose an Accredited Center

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Choosing Quality Child Care for your baby

As a parent, you are your child’s champion, protector, cheerleader and advocate. Today, more and more infants and toddlers are spending time in some type of child care setting.  Young children need a nurturing setting where they will flourish with a knowledgeable caregiver who understands how to promote their healthy growth and development.

Babies and toddlers need nurturing, secure relationships with their caregivers in order to feel safe and learn. They also need not only love and attention, but stimulating language and play interactions as well. In addition, young children need a schedule that is responsive to their needs, with appropriate stimulation and time to rest.

As a parent it is particularly important for you to be aware of the following when choosing a caregiver:

So what are the hallmarks of quality child care?  And how do you select a caregiver?  ZERO TO THREE has established some basic principles—discussed below—which define quality care for infants and toddlers.